Having problems with your HDTV? Dont throw it out just yet! Very often, as long as the LCD screen itself isnt cracked or damaged in some way, your TV can be brought back to life by properly diagnosing and replacing one of the boards inside the TV, or in some cases, replacing one or several components on the board itself by ordering the “repair kit” and replacing the commonly failed components.  cost of the parts is non refundable, but for what it’s worth, if we cant fix your tv, you wont be charged for the labor.  We have been repairing and selling TV’s for a few years now with very few of them having to be returned.

ALL HDTV SALES COME WITH A ONE MONTH HARDWARE/MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND A ONE YEAR LABOR GUARANTEE. (free repair for a year but you have to pay for parts if necessary. 1 year labor guarantee does not include cracked or damaged LCD screen/LED strips, as this is generally not a repairable part)